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MPEG Augmented Reality Tutorial at Web3D conference, in LA

During the 2012 edition of Web3D conference, collocated with Siggraph in LA, we presented, for the first time worldwide, the MPEG AR tutorial. Games and applications such as ARQuiz and Augmented Books were demonstrated as well. MPEG AR is currently based on TOTEM formalism for scene description, sensor communication and user interaction. The full presentation is available here

Demonstration of the ARQuiz at MPEG plenary in Geneva, April 2012

The ARQuiz is an augmented reality game for mobile devices, fully implemented by using MPEG technologies. Like any quiz, the game consists in answering questions over a given period of time. Unlike a traditional quiz, in order to solve ARQuiz, one has to search for the answers in the physical space. Just look around and, through the camera view of your phone, you’ll see virtual hints embedded in the reality. Go next to one hint, collect it and read the story; the answer is between the lines...


MPEG folks played a version of ARQuiz called MPEG100 ARQuiz containing several questions about the MPEG life.


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