Tidy City in Tutzing

On the 14th and 15th of January we participated in the convention “Die Vermessung des Urbanen” (“Measuring the Urbanity”). It dealt with a variety of topics concerning the modern city and public space, citizen participation, Web 2.0 and also an outlook into future developments. It was organized by “Die Urbanauten” from Munich and was held in the Evangelische Akademie right at the Starnberger See in the lovely village Tutzing.

We were asked to lead a 90 minute workshop Saturday afternoon and chose “City as a a playground” for our topic. With a total of about 24 participants from a wide variety of backgrounds and age, we played Tidy City to give them a feeling for how location-based games can change and stimulate ones view of the city.

There was also a radio team present that covered the event. You can listen to it at DRadio Wissen.


Authoring the game together with our game designer Michael Straeubig:Michael and me authoring the game

Michael and me authoring the game


We brought quite a few phones with us:

Android phones


The workshop starts:

workshop participants


Final scores:

final scores



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