Playpublik was aMazing

Last weekend we had the opportounity to stage aMazing as part of the Playpublik festival in Berlin. Playpublik is all about urban games played in the city streets, no matter if they are smartphone based (like in our case) or can be run without any tech at all.

As last year it was a great event with loads of interesting talks and games. We organized four sessions of aMazing with about 40 players in total. Sometimes we played on Alexanderplatz, sometimes in a park near the Computer Games Museum where the festival took place. Player feedback was extremly positive, the weather was perfect (not too sunny) and the tech worked without any hiccups.

The ZDF television crew was also there and the festival made it into the news, including a short segment about aMazing. Check it out in the ZDF Mediathek (festival starts at 6:16min).

Here are some more impressions:


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