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Next Level Conference 2011

From 4th to 5th November 2011 we presented TidyCity and the TidyCity authoring tool chain at the Next Level Conference 2011. This year's topic was "Art and Culture of digital Games". 500 participants used the chance for creative exchange, visited talks or learned new things in workshops. We performed two workshops, one on each day of the conference. In the workshops the participants were able to discover the fascinating graffiti art in the surrounding area of the conference location ( the AbenteuerHallenKALK in Cologne) with a previously created TidyCity mission. Afterwards they were shown how to create their own TidyCity mission and were astonished how easy it is to contribute your own content.

Introduction to TidyCity  Playing Tidy City

Left photo: Introduction to TidyCity; Right photo: Playing TidyCity at Next Level Conference

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