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Back to school, Tidy City

Tidy City at Day of Mathematics, Evangelisches Gymnasium Bad Marienberg

On Monday, June 20th 2011, we presented Tidy City at the Evangelisches Gymnasium Bad Marienberg, a secondary school in Germany. The school ran a special event, the day of mathematics, on which all its pupils had to compete and earn points at different learning stations. In this context Tidy City was used to realize an outdoor learning station that implicated a dozen riddles which were spread out all over the schools campus.

Our outdoor learning station was well received, especially by pupils of the 5th and 6th grade. In the end 33 pupils and 3 teachers played the school game scenario which was created by our former intern Chantal, who is also a pupil at the school.

After each game we interviewed the teachers. Their initial remarks suggest that Tidy City is generally well suited to support station-oriented learning in an outdoor environment, and especially well suited to support teaching and learning as practiced at the school. A more detailed analysis of using Tidy City for educational purposes will be conducted as part of forthcoming work.

We would like to thank all participants for their interest and feedback. A special thank you goes to Chantal for creating the school game scenario in only 3 hours. Well done! You can read more about the day of mathematics at the school's website (http://www.evgbm.de/mathematik.php, in German).

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